Morning Show

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Morning Show is a Vancouver-based alternative rock band comprised of Ethan Caleb and Ryan Stephenson. Their debut EP “Prom Theme”, released in May of 2015, is a summary of the band's initial excitement, adventurism, and collective exhale that can come with the beginnings of a project designed to facilitate artistic freedom. “Prom Theme” took the shape of a dynamic indie-rock record that travels between loud hook-driven choruses and brooding lyric moments where singer Ethan Caleb questions human motives and brings to light our mistakes.

Since the release of “Prom Theme”, Morning Show has emerged as a live act capable of quieting the unruliest of rooms with their finely spun web of trance inducing rock songs. In addition to experimenting on the traditional stage, they've ventured outside of a typical rock band’s comfort zone in collaborating with filmmaker Ingrid Veninger on her film “He Hated Pigeons”. At various film festivals around British Columbia, they would perform an all-original live score that lives and dies with the movie, never recorded or to be repeated.

"Wine" Vinyl


"Wine" Vinyl


The first pressing of Morning Show's debut record "Wine".

Comes on 140 gram black vinyl with lyric sheet insert.

Purchase includes a digital copy of "Wine".


There are 11 songs on each physical copy of "Wine". Here are their titles:

  1. Slow (and steady)

  2. Flight

  3. Champions

  4. Sweet Talk

  5. In the Wine and Undefeated

  6. Another One

  7. New Blue

  8. Mary in the Tide

  9. Feeling Small

  10. Keep Your Hands Up

  11. Soft-pedal