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Morning Show is a Vancouver-based alternative rock band comprised of Ethan Caleb and Ryan Stephenson. Their debut EP “Prom Theme”, released in May of 2015, is a summary of the band's initial excitement, adventurism, and collective exhale that can come with the beginnings of a project designed to facilitate artistic freedom. “Prom Theme” took the shape of a dynamic indie-rock record that travels between loud hook-driven choruses and brooding lyric moments where singer Ethan Caleb questions human motives and brings to light our mistakes.

Since the release of “Prom Theme”, Morning Show has emerged as a live act capable of quieting the unruliest of rooms with their finely spun web of trance inducing rock songs. In addition to experimenting on the traditional stage, they've ventured outside of a typical rock band’s comfort zone in collaborating with filmmaker Ingrid Veninger on her film “He Hated Pigeons”. At various film festivals around British Columbia, they would perform an all-original live score that lives and dies with the movie, never recorded or to be repeated.

Morning Show announces debut EP “Prom Theme” and releases second single “Underline”.

April 7th 2015


VICTORIA/VANCOUVER, BC – Morning Show, a new collective of musicians comprised of both current and former members of the Archers, Tough Lovers and Good For Grapes, are set to release their debut EP “Prom Theme” on May 5th 2015. On April 14th the group will release the single “Underline”, exclusively streaming now on Exclaim!, the follow up to the highly praised “Papershaker”.


Being separated by a body of water has forced Morning Show to develop their own unorthodox method of songwriting: convening on weekends in barns, basements, and living rooms around Victoria and Vancouver. Ethan Caleb (the Archers), Ryan Stephenson (Tough Lovers) and Blair Hansen (ex-Good for Grapes) initially attempted to bring individual ideas to the creative space and piece them together there. After throwing out song after song, they eventually realized their best and most authentic sounds came from entering the environment as three blank slates, and creating something that had an equal part of each member in it. Tracked in summer of 2014 with Colin Stewart (Dan Mangan, The New Pornographers), “Prom Theme” is a summary of the band’s initial excitement, adventurism, and collective exhale that comes with a new beginning.


“Prom Theme” Tracklisting:



I'm Listening

Run Dry

I Want


The rhythm-driven single “Underline”, demonstrates in both instrumentation and lyrics the layers to expect from Morning Show on the upcoming EP. From singer Ethan Caleb: “'Underline' is essentially a song about unrequited love, and the process of projecting one’s feelings onto someone else.” The subtly piano-laden and syncopated verses give way to exciting, triumphant choruses and eventually a seemingly self-aware dramatic bridge that will beg for repeat listens.


The band will be following up the release of “Prom Theme” with a lyric video for “Underline”, as well as a live-in-studio session recorded at Monarch Studios, Vancouver. They are currently preparing their debut full-length album, which is to be recorded in the summer of 2015 with Colin Stewart. The full length promises to expand on the soundscapes imagined in the EP. Hear “Prom Theme” and more live at the dates below.


Praise for Debut Single “Papershaker”


“Their debut single "Papershaker" is a subtle, effectively crafted pop-tune that doesn't stray too far from that comfortable pocket of indie rock well-worn by bands like Death Cab For Cutie and Pinback. However, they show off a mastery that doesn't feel like a rip off, but reminds us what we loved about the sound in the first place.”

- Sam McLoughlin, Indie Shuffle


“With its up-tempo indie rock sensibilities and loopy rhythms, the track accentuates a promising career for the young trio.”

- The Permanent Rain Press


Watch the “Papershaker” lyric video here


In Brief:

The new Vancouver/Victoria based alt-rock trio are set to release their second single “Underline” on April 14th and their debut EP, “Prom Theme”, on May 5th 2015.





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